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Humans Are Animals But Animals Are Not Human

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It appears that there is a lack of understanding and extra than a couple of misconceptions when it comes to the topic of animals. This post will talk about some of these misconceptions and the realizations that we want to make if we are to stay away from deaths and animal attacks. The challenge appears to lie in our misconceptions that animals are driven by feelings rather than by pure survival instincts. This causes us to attribute an animal attack to the human emotion of anger or revenge. I know that all folks do not hold these misconceptions, which would be presumptuous. What I am saying is that a majority of folks do, just primarily based upon the proof. The proof I refer to incorporates tv shows on Discovery, Animal Planet, TNT, and so on. It also incorporates the news media, and even Academia. Once again, some shows are guiltier than other individuals, but the fallacies variety from the little to the absurd.

The major point the reader requirements to take from this post is that animals are animals, driven by simple instincts needed for their survival. They do not really feel anger, jealousy, like, or plot revenge. Even though some animals may perhaps include the capacity for these feelings, I doubt these senses are as hugely created or reasoned via as ours appear to be. So, when we try to attribute human feelings to animal motivations we are creating a silly error. We want only attempt to appear at the circumstance from the animal's point of view. This should not be tough, due to the fact we have the capability to purpose. We want only try to return to a state of thoughts that we have not had due to the fact we rubbed sticks with each other and drew on cave walls.

The Major Difficulties:

The tree hugger is as a lot to blame as the hunter. When a nature lover is attacked brutally by an animal and survives they typically make the statement “It did not know what it was performing”. This is not correct. The animal knew complete properly what it was performing. They would also make the claim that they really should not have place themselves in that circumstance. That statement truly is correct, to an extent. When we venture out into nature we can not count on that we will not be attacked by a wild animal. What we will have to count on is that there is a possibility, and we will have to accept duty for this if we are going into the woods anyways.

Animals are getting their all-natural lands threatened by housing developments, firms, and other activities that bring human beings into locations exactly where animals applied to roam. Their territory is shrinking. So, when we go out into the woods than it is our duty. If a particular person enters the forest for any purpose, and is attacked by an animal, what ever the purpose it really is their fault. Why? Since they know in the back of their thoughts that it is a possibility. If you go into the woods with your young children and they are attacked, then it is the parent's fault. Why? Since they knew it was a possibility. You have each and every proper to take the danger, but when and if some thing poor takes place, you cannot blame the animal.

There are folks out there who think that animals are of no consequence. The only issue that matters in this globe is the human race. If an animal is hit by a auto, shot, or killed by something other than all-natural suggests so what. This is a incredibly ignorant viewpoint to have for a single purpose. We reside in a globe that is governed by balance. A single issue impacts a different and if a single species disappears it will influence other species. Often it can be in a great way for that species and from time to time it can be in a poor way. If all predatory birds had been to go extinct than it would be wonderful for rodents. It would not be so great for what ever the rodents feed upon and it most definitely would not be great for us. Granted some species can go extinct with no significantly upsetting the balance of issues. It really is when various extinctions take place that a significant challenge will arise. These men and women that do not hold animals in higher regard, when attacked by animals, typically are fast to anger. That animal attacked me and for that reason will have to die! I doubt that they would even take into consideration the possibility that they bore any duty whatsoever for getting into the woods that day. The bottom line is that if folks enter the woods, we will have to be conscious of the dangers. This goes for any all-natural atmosphere that we consciously enter, realizing complete properly that we could be attacked by a bear or a shark.

I will by no means neglect an episode of Worlds Most Incredible Video or possibly it was the Most Intense, exactly where an elephant was rampaging via the streets of Mexico. If I try to remember appropriately, this elephant was performing in a circus, turned on its trainer (killing him), and then started operating via the streets. This elephant ended up becoming shot to death in the street. I had no challenge with that, it was clear the animal had to be taken down. What I did have a challenge with was the statement produced by the bonehead commentator of the show. He stated, “This is a tragic occasion, but let's not neglect why this was needed.” That may perhaps not be his statement word for word, but the point is clear. The elephant had to die due to the fact it was a rampaging monster! How ignorant is that? In my opinion that was an exceptionally ignorant statement that had me cursing out loud at my tv set. It is correct that the elephant did kill his trainer. It is also correct that the elephant was out of manage. Why are these the only valid points? Did any individual cease to assume that the elephant really should not have been there in the initial location? Elephants do not belong in circuses and they do not belong in zoos. The only goal a zoo really should serve is to rehabilitate injured animals or to shelter animals that are endangered.

Animals are wild, the only error produced in the elephant circumstance is that “WE”, believed we could tame or manage this animal. Can we do it? Yes, we can, but really should we, NO! Personally, if an animal that is in a zoo or a circus attacks a particular person then I do not want to hear about it. No sympathy will be identified with me. The bottom line is that animals belong in the wild. I do not care how tame or domesticated we assume that they are. The likelihood will constantly stay that they can attack for causes that actually do not matter. I have a tough adequate time attempting to figure out why folks do some of the issues they do. The final issue I want to have to do on a everyday basis is attempt to figure out what an elephant, bear or a shark was considering.

When I was younger, I went to zoos. The final time I visited a zoo I was 21 years old, and it was at Busch Gardens and Disney's Wild Kingdom. I am 31 years old and I have not been to a zoo due to the fact. I will by no means go to a zoo once again just due to the fact I do not think in them. To take a wild animal and stick it in a cage for our amusement is just ridiculous. How quite a few of us would like to be stuck in an enclosure, I do not care how all-natural or comfy that it is, and then told we can by no means leave? Not quite a few, but due to the fact we are not speaking about folks than it does not matter. Animals do not belong in cages. They are meant to be out in the wild. So, when we location animals in conditions that they instinctually do not belong in then we can not hold them accountable for their actions. The only folks that can be held accountable for animal attacks occurring in zoos or a circus are we. Not just the owner of the zoo or circus, but the particular person that was attacked as properly. Following all, they are the ones paying the charge to enter an region exactly where harmful animals are kept. Its all about duty and also typically are we not prepared to accept our share of the duty in this day and age.

Animals are not governed by the very same issues that we are. If a particular person wrongs us then we get angry. If a particular person loves us then we like back. Human beings are capable of an array of feelings which includes, jealousy, happiness, sadness, anger, worry, and so on. We also have the capability to plot and scheme. If somebody tends to make us exceptionally angry or jealous then we may perhaps want to do harm against that other particular person. Animals do not assume this way and however anytime I hear, or study of an animal attack I constantly hear somebody attempt to attribute human motivations to why the animal behaved the way it did. True life is not Lady and the Tramp, or More than the Hedge. Animals do not purpose like we do. The only activities that animal are concerned with are consuming, sleeping, pooping, peeing, and reproduction. From the day they are born till the day they die, they are only concerned with life processes.

Our way of life along with our hugely created brain enables us to move beyond these very simple processes. They are nevertheless there and will forever stay the focal point of life, but they will by no means consume as a lot of our lives as it does for animals. Humans nevertheless want to consume, sleep, poop, pee, reproduce, and so on. We have extra no cost time that enables us to concentrate on other issues. We function for meals and recreational issues. We get water from a properly and reside in homes and apartments. This enables us to apply our energies elsewhere. Animals are not afforded this. Mostly due to the fact they have not evolved to the extent that humans have. This is nobodies fault, its just how it is. With this evolution comes duty on our element. We have to recognize that we are accountable for our actions due to the fact we are conscious of our actions. It is distinct with animals, they are not conscious of their actions.

If I am walking in the woods and a grizzly bear attacks me, it does not do so out of anger. The grizzly may perhaps just see me as an quick target. If it is hungry then it will appear for meals. It is incorrect to say that human beings are not element of what they consume. A bear will consume just about something if it is hungry. We know that bears consume meat. In truth, bears have been identified to consume almost everything from berries to bucks. I assume the purpose that we say issues like, “They do not usually consume folks”, or “We are not element of their diet program”, is due to the fact we are seldom in make contact with with bears. Considering that our evolution we have place ourselves in contained environments known as homes, which are surrounded by towns and cities. No bears right here, though in rural locations, residents can catch glimpses of bears in their back yards. The bottom line is that we are meat. Yes, human beings are meat. We are. You can slice us, dice us, stick us in a frying pan, and consume us. You will not starve either. I am confident we are packed with tons of protein and fat, excellent for surviving lengthy winters. We do not usually assume of us as meals, due to the fact we have a tendency to frown on cannibalism. We consume chicken, beef, pork, lamb, duck, lobsters, crabs, and so on, and so on. There is incredibly tiny on this earth that we do not consume.

Why is a bear consuming a particular person any extra appalling than a human consuming a bear? I assume the major purpose is that we then consider if it had been we acquiring eaten, and then we conclude that it would suck. Irrespective of whether it sucks or not does not matter. What does matter is that we are edible just like any other animal on this planet. To say that a bear is blood thirsty, or got the taste for blood is a ridiculous statement as properly. From the time they are a bear cub they have the taste for blood and they consume a lot of it. What they imply by “have a taste for blood” is that they have tasted human and like it. Right here is a great instance. If I had by no means tasted Chinese meals ahead of and then I attempt it, and then it turns out that I like it. I am going to want to consume Chinese meals as typically as probable. In reality I like Chinese meals, and would consume it each day if I could. The very same may perhaps be correct for bears. How do we know what we taste like? We do not consume every single other so how do we know whether or not or not we taste great? For all we know human meat could be the greatest freaking tasting meat on the face of the earth. I will bet it is incredibly tender, offered the much less active nature of our society.

So, if a bear attacks me, and he gets a taste it may perhaps just be that he likes it. It is only all-natural for the bear to seek out some extra of that tasty meat. So, it is not that a bear is blood thirsty, it just suggests that he has tasted human, likes it, and continues to seek it. Human beings make good targets. Appear at us, we have no claws, no lengthy sharp teeth, we are not incredibly large, and have lost the capability to defend ourselves in the wild with no a club, knife, or a gun. The only issue we have going for us in that circumstance is our greater intelligence. Considering that we cannot kill the bear with our bare hands we are forced to attempt and outsmart it by playing dead. Incidentally we are not the only animals that employ this tactic.

A different incredibly significant piece the grizzly bear attack puzzle is human expansion. We are continually expanding into new territories that had been when inhabited by these animals. How can we be confident how they view this activity? As I mentioned ahead of, I doubt they exhibit any rational human believed to the circumstance, but they do recognize alter. Some animals may perhaps be capable to associate humans with this alter that threatens their dwelling. This may perhaps trigger a all-natural instinct to attack. This may perhaps lead an animal to kill for the sake of killing. It is not out of anger or jealousy. All the animal knows is that we are accountable for the adjustments, they really feel threatened, and they attack. This is a lot the very same as a young male lion difficult the older lion for manage of the pride. For the duration of rutting season, bucks lock horns for the proper to mate. These are instinctual actions that may perhaps be triggered by human encroachment into an animal's territory. This would then trigger an animal to see us as a threat, and in the animal globe you only do two issues with a threat: you either drive it away or you kill it. This behavior may perhaps account for some of the animal attacks that take place in this nation and about the globe.

Of course It depends upon what animal you are speaking about. Bears, deer, large cats may perhaps exhibit this behavior but it is hugely unlikely that a shark or a crocodile would. In the case of quite a few shark attacks it is either a case mistaken identity, or they just do not care, due to the fact it appears edible and they are going to consume it. It cannot say for confident about crocs, but I would assume that the majority of attacks are about meals with a handful about territory.


The bottom line is that quite a few of the animal attacks that take place in this nation are just a matter of an opportune meal. Human beings wander into environments exactly where animals reside and they just view us as an quick target. Animals see us as meals, nothing at all extra. How typically do we assume twice ahead of cutting into a steak or consuming a burger? This is a lot the very same way, as a predator would view us in their atmosphere. They do not see us as a particular person they see us as a good juicy steak…for arguments sake. We want to preserve this in thoughts ahead of we venture out anyplace that we can come into make contact with with these animals. Even if you do not assume of some of these animals as harmful, you nevertheless have to be cautious. Just ask any individual that has been attacked by a deer! A lot of of us would not assume a deer would pose a threat, but they can do harm. In the finish we can not ever actually comprehend why the animal attacked us. The truth remains that animals can and do attack. Often we reside and from time to time we die. If we decide on to enter the woods then we a lot accept this consequence. We will have to also preserve this in thoughts when moving into a new housing improvement. It will take animals time to let go of old territories and seek out new territories. However they may perhaps not constantly be capable to and this brings humans and animals into make contact with extra and extra. As a lot as we like to assume that we rule the earth, it really is only an illusion. It is an illusion that can price us dearly if we are not cautious in the future.

I am not saying that if a bear kills a particular person or a youngster that it really should not be killed. Personally, I think it depends upon the situations of the attack and the wishes of the family members members. Eventually, whether or not or not the animal is place down I assure you that the animal has no sense of proper or incorrect. If an animal such as a bear eats a particular person, than in all most likely hood it will attempt to consume a different. We will have to taste great to them, or else the statement, “That bears got a taste for blood”, would not have survived as lengthy as it has. So ,what do you do with an animal like that? I guess the only issue we could do is attempt not to give them the chance to get a liking for folks meat. We want to be extra conscious about how the globe performs beyond the confines of our cities and towns. There is a different globe that we left lengthy ago known as the wild. Understanding is energy. We want to be conscious of the possibility of an attack when we enter the woods. We will have to constantly be conscious that if we reside in rural locations that the possibility nevertheless also remains. We really should familiarize ourselves with the animals that pose a threat in our area and come across out what measures we can take to assure our security.

As far as zoos go, we really should take complete duty there. If an animal in captivity eats a single of us then oh freaking properly! It really is our fault the animal is in that circumstance in the initial location. Elephants belong in Africa, polar bears belong up north, and lions belong in Africa, and so on and so forth. We cannot count on them to suppress millions of years of all-natural instincts just due to the fact we want to train them to entertain us. That is just absurd. The very same can be mentioned for a circus or any other type of entertainment that utilizes wild animals. No matter how properly educated we assume they may perhaps be, they can nevertheless attack us for what ever purpose. The bottom line is that we would not get attacked if we did not place animals in the position to attack us. If we had left the elephant in Mexico in Africa exactly where it belongs than that trainer would nevertheless be alive right now, hopefully in a distinct profession.

Even the most domesticated animals on the planet can nevertheless be unpredictable. A dog can turn on its owner in a heartbeat. It may perhaps have by no means performed so ahead of and it may perhaps by no means do so once again. Nevertheless, it is not that animal's fault it is the fault of the particular person with the animal. I have had extra than my fare share of cats and dogs in my lifetime and I have had a couple of scars to prove it. As far as I am concerned it goes with the territory. If I am prepared to have a pet then I will have to be prepared to bear the consequences of that animal's action.